What would you do if you was apart of the situation

If you was apart of a culture that was bullies on the internet ? Will you speck up ? Or would you be apart of it? If i was apart of a culture and they was bulling i would speck up and tell them to stop. The reason you probably won't speck up  because you think that would  bully you. The reason they want to bully people because they want some attention. Bullies thinks its funny.  

Question and Answers

If me and my friend had witness people being bully and we didn't about it then the bully would think we a bystander and we probably scared of the bully that's why we didn't say nothing or do nothing. Me and my friend would tell a teacher and not just be a BYSTANDER. I would change my school climate like have people standing everywhere where a bully cant get to them. I would say do you have something better else to do back off my friend they is scared of you leave them ALONE.