My Summer Vacation

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During the first part of my summer vacation, I played baseball. I played outfield and first base. My team went to the Semi-finals ,but sadly we lost and ended up taking third place. I also went on a vacation to Lava Beds National Monument and Crater Lake. Lava Beds is a place where there are many caves and formations formed by volcanic eruptions and lava flow. You could grab your caving gear and go into the caves and explore them without even needing a tour guide. At Crater Lake, I went on a boat tour of the lake and after the tour I actually swam in Crater Lake. I also went to Silverwood during this summer. While I was at the water park one of the bathrooms caught fire and I had to cut my day at Silverwood short. To close off the summer, I went to my Grandpa's Cabin on the Pend Oreille River. While I was there I went tubing, and went to Gardener Cave.

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3 years ago

Nice job Andy!