Wedding Planner

By: Taylor & Shayne

Job description

A wedding consultant assists the bride and groom with everything from a timeline and budget to the choice of flowers, wedding location, musicians, caterers, even the cut of the groom's tuxedo. The wedding consultant is not only responsible for making sure all the details of the big day play out smoothly, but also for absorbing the stress of planning so that the bride and groom may more fully enjoy the experience of getting married.

Job Salary

$105,561 per year in Honululo, Hawaii

Education Required

There is no education required but most have a Bachelors OR  Associates degree

Skills Necessary for Job

  1. The ability to communicate, including verbal, writing and listening skills.
  2. The ability to organize and plan to a very mute level to successfully complete a project.
  3. The ability to form interpersonal relationships.
  4. The ability to operate a business.
  5. The ability to give of yourself.

Tools used for Job

Pinterest and other websites

Online gift registry

Organizers and Presentations

Hours required

They work long hours, particularly during peak wedding season (May to September). Meetings with couples often take place in the evening and at weekends. On the day of the wedding they may work a 12-hour day.


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