Twitter and the Classroom

Teacher/pre-service teacher/Administrators/Homeschooler Webinar

Why Twitter

  • You learn to be concise.
  • Twitter isn’t intimidating
  • Students learn manners
  • Students learn to be focused
  • Students learn to share
  • Writing short messages perfects the art of “headlining”.
  • Tweets need to be written knowing that tweeple can @reply
  • #Hashmarks develop a community
  • Students learn tolerance for all opinions
  • Breaks down barriers to talking to other people
  • Students are engaged
  • Twitter, the Classroom Notepad
  • Twitter is always open

How to use Twitter in the Classroom

  • Feedback
  • Collaboration
  • Last minute updates
  • stay in touch with parents
  • stay in touch with (older) students
  • practice writing skills
  • encourage shy students

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