Ancient Mesopotamia

''Land Between Two Rivers''


It was in thet middle-eastern part of the world. The land was between two rivers called Tigris and Eurphrates rivers.  It was call ''Land Between The Rivers''. They built the ziggurat to woreship one god. The priests were the people that went in the ziggurat. Its where all the food went and was divided.

This is a picture of A huge Ziggurat for worshipping a god. Where the priests had food for the gods. Only the priests could go in the Ziggurat to see if the god was happy. That's also where they sorted the food so everyone got a fair amount.

The Fertile Crescent was shaped like a quater moon. It was good for farming because they had irrigation. They invented irrigation to help their crops grow better. Irrigation helped the plants by how much water the plants get and when the water is needed. Mesopotamia is the land between the Tigris and Eurphrates river. Irrigation was for water to get to the fields.

Cuneiform changed the whole world for the Mesopotamian people. They could write down what they did for futere people of the city. They also could write laws for the people to follow. They could write letters to people without traveling. They could write knowledge to other people. They could write things they did down and mistakes they did do they don't do it again.

Mesopotamia Mud Bricks

These are mud bricks the Mesopotamians used for building. They made them with the mud and reeds found near the rivers. They created the bricks by using molds to form the mud, then placed them in the sun to dry. It was easy to make mud bricks because where they were there was a lot of mud and straw. They used straw help make the mud bricks.


This is a wheel Mesopotamians invented which made their life easier. Before the wheel they had to carry all the stuff for farming and trading. With the wheel they could just pull it in a wagon. Also they could bring more stuff with them. They used the wheel to pull crops to the town. With the wheel they would not be able to plant crops.

Irrigation system

This is a Irrigation system they used for to control the water so it did not overflow and kill the plants. They would take the door away so the crops could get water and then they would close it. The two rivers would flood frrom the melted snow from the mountains. Irrigation allowed them to control the water. They controled how much water went to the crops. Irrigation also was for if there was a drought they could get water to the plants.

That is the what i learned about Mesopotamia. I learned about the Ziggurat and irrigation and their inventions and the stuff they did. I learned about how they built houses, and learned they had a language Cuneiform. Learning about Mesopotamia was really fun and i enjoyed it. I hope you think Mesopotamia is an awesome place.

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