sacer  "sacred"
Disrespect to something regarded as sacred.

Out of sacrilege for the American country, the men decided to display their disrespect by burning the American flag to pieces.



pio, piare, piavi, piatum  "to appease"
A sacred place; any place of refuge.

When I toured North Greenville University a few days ago, there was a sanctuary on the campus.  In the sanctuary, the students were able to have a quiet place to sit and focus on their relationship with God.


hieros    "holy," "sacred," "supernatural"
1. Written with pictures to represent sounds or meanings of words.
2. Hard to read.

The stereotype is that all boys have very hieroglyphic handwriting.  I do not believe this stereotype because I have seen neat writing come from a number of boys.  


pio, piare, piavi, piatum   "to appease"
Religious devotion; great respect towards something, especially parents.

The boy felt and showed piety towards his mother and father, even when they asked him to do chores.

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