Meet Jena Hudson


Bachelors of Music in Music Education, K-12, University of Louisville

Pursing Masters of Education with a concentration in technology, IUS

Orff Schulwerk Certification in Level 1 and Level 2


Elementary music teacher, Scott County School District 2

I am the only elementary music teacher in the district. I teach at four different schools and have over 1200 students.  Even though it sounds crazy, I LOVE my job! I have some amazing students, supportive administrators, and caring parents.  It also is incredible to work in my hometown.

Professional Development

Attended and presented at Digipalooza in Scottsburg, Indiana. At the conference, I presented on blogging, Teachers Pay Teachers, and Keynote.

Orff Schulwerk levels training, University of Kentucky

AOSA National Conference (St. Louis and Denver). I will also be attending the conference in Nashville, TN in November.

In total, I have completed 196 hours of professional development within the past two year.

Teaching Philosophy

In my music classroom, I use the Orff Schulwerk.  With this approach to music education, students begin with what they instinctively do: play! In Orff classrooms around the world and in my own classroom, students sing, say, dance, and play! I feel this approach to music education is essential  for children to learn music.  My style of teaching also incorporates lots of group work, peer collaboration, creation, and improvisation.  

On a typical day in my classroom, students move, sing, play, and create all while learning musical knowledge.  Music is taught through traditional folk songs, dance, and singing games.  We always develop musical knowledge through playing instruments, composing songs, and improvising movements.

Here are my students enjoying a typical music lesson that included a singing game and playing instruments. It was such a nice day, we had to play outside.

In my classroom, I want students to walk out at the end of their 5th grade year with more than just musical knowledge. Music not only incorporates all subject areas, but also provides immense opportunities for leadership, creativity, and responsibility. These are all essential skills for students to be successful throughout their education and throughout their life.

I also feel it is very important to incorporate technology into my lessons. As my students are digital natives, it is part of their everyday lives. I am very lucky to be in a school district in which all students, K - 12, are 1:1 on devices. Every student in the elementary school has an iPad. I am looking forward to learning new techie tools that I can incorporate into more of my music lessons.

So What is Orff?

Favorite Tech Tools

Pic Monkey


My Big Campus

Garageband (app)

MadPad (app)




With my large amount of students, I communicate with parents in a variety of ways:

Class Facebook page

My Big Campus




A Little More About Me...

Here is my wonderful husband of three years!

No kids yet, but we do have one spoiled, and if I say so, adorable kitty cat! Here is Cinder, the mouse attacker!

I have a TON of hobbies...too many if you ask my husband.  I enjoy sewing, quilting, and gardening.  Here are a few of my latest projects!

I also really enjoy blogging, creating teacher resources, and making digital graphics, such as backgrounds and clipart.  You can see my blog here!

My last hobby is crafting (anything and everything). I am a very organized and creative person inside and outside of my classroom! Take a step into my classroom (that I was in ALL summer long)!

Even with all my hobbies, I make a lot of time to hang out with my family and friends. Who couldn't love these cute little faces?! My niece and nephew!

I look forward to meeting each one of you and learning some new techie tools to use in my classroom! Thanks for stopping by!

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