Cahokia Empire

The Cahokia tribe is based across the Mississippi River. In modern day St. Louis, Missouri this tribe created a large cities known for it's large mounds which are still standing in the city of St. Louis.

The Cahokia people were a wealthy tribe and one of the most well known tribes in North America during this time. Controlled once by individual tribes, one leader decided to take on the role of Chief over all people. Thus, he created on of the largest cities in the world known to have around 10,000-20,000 natives living with the area. The economy strived off of the force used to created a meshed society as well as the many goods traded to other Mississippi River tribe. The economy obtained great wealth due to the fact that clans and tribes needed the large Cahokia city to live.

The Cahokia city was made up of Chiefs and many different tribes. Finally after years of exclusion from clan to clan, a ruler decided to build a large city. This city encompassed vast many tribes, and peoples to live within the city. Finally the one ruler decided to unite all of the different tribes into the Cahokia people. Here in the city these people could trade goods and ideas throughout amongest outsiders of the tribe and with other Native Clans in North America.

The Cahokia people were most well know for their mounds built. These mounds served many purposes such as religious altars to burial grounds. Mounds were made by prisoners and people lower than the chief authorities.

Along with building mounds the people functioned in violent, warlike ways with each other as well as surrounding people of the Cahokia tribe. Many war goods like ax heads, arrowheads, bow, arrows, and warclubs were made abundantly throughout the city by commoners and sold out to tribes and clans along the Mississippi. Along with the weapons traded, agriculture also was a big trade with farmers who grew maize, squash, sunflowers, and seed crops.


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