Helen Yi

Phase 2 paragraph - My design looks like Spiderman, kind of. I used a circle for the head, two lemniscates for the eye mask and i also added a rose graph so that it makes 3 different kinds of polar graphs.

I experimented mathematically when I started of with a circle. After I decided to stick with the circle as part of my design, I needed two more types of polar graphs. My design started to look like Spiderman after I added a lemniscate in the middle and the colors (at random) were red and blue, so it reminded me of Spiderman. I decided to base my project off of Spiderman and added more polar graphs to meet the criteria.

While i was completing this assignment i learned that one has to know how the polar graphs look like and how knowing the equation beforehand can make it easier. I also learned to pay attention to the directions and if I need help i should ask the teacher so that I get credit for doing the work correctly.

I did enjoy this project because i didn't really understand the equations for polar graphs for this project actually helped me understand the concept more. This project was also more fun than typical math projects and I still got learn about polar graphs.

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