Lesothos official languages are English and Sesotho. A visitor knocks on the door and says Ko ko  (Knock knock  the hosts can then recognize the voice and know a friend has arrived.The traditional home in Lesotho is built of stone or sticks held together with a mixture of clay and cow dung. A popular instrument is the lesiba. A stringed reed played by young men as a method of herding cattle.

This is the official flag from Lesotho.
This is where lesotho is. Its a small country in Africa.

Lesotho is small but its in south africa and its next to Swaziland.

People generally eat three meals a day. Breakfast is eaten between 6 and 9 am. Workers usually take a tea break at 10 am. Lunch is the main meal and is eaten at midday.

In lesotho people like to play soccer all the time. People have fun and be competitive a lot of the time.


In lesotho people speak English and Sesotho.

This is wear Lesotho is. Its small and theres mountains


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