Points of Views By Gavin Purcell, Paul Burris, and Alberto Solis

As I suit up for my daily rounds, I think to myself ‘Its just another day at the office.’ The hazmat suit is sweltering hot and hard to walk in. I check my partner for any uncovered skin, and he checks me. Any exposed skin may come in contact with the Ebola virus, putting me at risk to get the deadly virus.

As I walk into the ward, the smell almost knocks me off my feet. 3 patients died last night, but 5 new ones took their beds. There is a 5 year old girl on my rounds, and every time I walk in the room, she thanks me for saving her mother. I just hope shes as lucky as her mom. Such innocence doesn't deserve such a cruel death.

-Gavin Purcell


As i look out of the window i think


Why did this happen to me

Why could it not have gone to someone else.

First my father then my mother


Why my family Why anyone

As i get to the place

I think to myself against

What will happen when i get their

Then finally

I get out of the car

And all i can think of is what is behind the tent doors

I get in their late night

And they give me something they say it helps

Then they give me a place to sleep

I say i cant

They say try hard.

So i put my head on the pillow

And i never remember waking up

-Paul Burris

I hate Ebola If only I knew about it.

Ebola took all my family.

First it was my dad then my mom then my sisters and brothers

Why my family?

I don’t care anymore about my life.

I am just going Volunteer to be a Burial worker.

I still can die from Ebola

I don’t care anymore I have no one in life to care about.

-Alberto Solis

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