Microevolution Meets Macroevolution

Maddie Jeske and Nicole Siliko


Darwin realized that evolution occurs in very small steps called "insensible gradations". These would result in huge changes over long periods of time in periods and functions. This evidence for small changes is called microevolution. Evidence for this is drug resistance.


macroevolution is larger species to species changes, but they are harder to observe. The mechanism for macroevolution can be seen in genes. An example of this is the how dinosaurs with feathers evolved into reptiles.

The Connection

Sean Carroll looked at the molecular mechanism that contributes to the gain of spot on the wings of male flies. The spot is proved that the genes of the flies have evolved by making modifications. This modification has aquired binding sites for transcription factors that are ancient components of wing development. One of the transcription factors that binds is a gene fundamental to development.

The Result

The gene modification for pigmentation is proof that genes can evolve within organisms.

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