The affects of migration

By Natalie d-b. 3A class

Whats the difference between Imigration and Emigration?

Immigration is when you come to another country.Emigration is when you leave your home country and come to another.So when you Immigrate you are also emigrating because you are coming somewhere new and leaving somewhere old

Why would someone what to leave their home?

Some one might want to leave their home because there is a war going on.When someone leaves a place because they don't like whats going on there or negative things are happening its called a push factor.Some one also might want to leave their home because it doesn't have what they want,but another place does so they go to the other place.When something like that happens its called a pull factor.

Some reasons that might cause people to leave their home. (push factor)

-War -Genocide -No education -unsatisfying government

-Persecution -Lack of money -bad jobs -Plain unhappiness with current location

Things that might make a person come somewhere. (pull factor)

-Freedom -Education -more money -satisfying government

-better jobs -more types of jobs -maybe most of there family lives there

-change -future -dreams

What happens when a really smart or really important person leaves their home country? (emigration)

When a really smart or important person leaves their country its called a brain drain.Its called a brain drain because the country is going to face a loss when the very important or smart person leaves.

What happens when a really smart or important person comes to a different country?(Immigration)

When a really smart or important person comes to a different country its called brain gain.Its called brain gain because a different country just got someone who is really smart or important that they didn't have before.

Whats a refugee?

A refugee is someone who had to leave their country because of disaster or something harmful.

How does immigration affect a country?

When someone comes to a new country then that country gains.When someone new comes to a country the new country increases population,has a bigger work force,and the government gets more taxes.If too many people immigrate to one country and we over populate then people will have to emigrate from that country.

How does emigration affect a country?

When someone leaves a country then that countries population will go down,lose some of their work force,and the government collects less taxes.Emigration can also be a good thing for a country.If a country is over populated then it would be a good thing if some people emigrate.

Sum it up!

There are many push and pull factors that determine where a person chooses or doesn't chose to live.When something bad happens then refugees will leave their country to come somewhere safe.Immigration is a good thing but if a place gets over populated or if the country is in a tough spot then it could be a bad thing. Emigration is good for a country if its over populated but its also a bad thing if the country needs more people.Brain drains are bad for a country,but brain gains are a really good thing.