George Middleton

All I Wanted Was...

A life without poverty

A nice farm to live on

A good companion

A life without worry

To have sex with whores

I Didn't Want...

To get in trouble because of one person

To blow all my money in a whore house

To get in trouble with the authority

To be on he run

To kill my best friend

Three Motivations
Sex, Money, Alcohol

1.) George is insecure and this leads him to be a commanding and stubborn towards Lennie

2.) He doesn't hang on to hope which is shown when he talks to Slim about never living on the dream farm.

3.) He was never related in anyway to Lennie

Three Characters George Interact With:
Lennie, Slim, Candy

Throughout the novel, George looks after Lennie and sticks up for him.  However, he will not hesitate to talk bad about Lennie.  He is Lennie's best friend however, the dirt under his shoes gets more respect.  His interactions with Slim differently however.  He can talk to Slim like normal human being because Slim gets it.  He tells Slim that he knows the farm house could never happen but he doesn't tell anyone else that.  Candy wasn't really friends with George until he said he could help pay for the farm.  He told him that he has enough money to pay for half the price so George thought that was a great idea and took him in.  This tells the reader that George really only cares and looks after himself unless he has something to gain by being friends with you.  This also shows that George is a greedy and commanding man, he likes to be in charge and likes to take whatever he can get his hands on.  He really only thinks about himself.


George was really only thinking about himself so this affected the plot since he was supposed to be Lennie's best friend.  George only puts himself first and only wants to protect himself.   

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