Caroline Eidson                                                                                          January 29, 2015

Careers in Psychology Want Ad

What makes some push themselves to their limits for nothing more than the satisfaction of winning? What makes someone strive to play sports, to compete? If you know the answers to these questions, we need YOU!


Elon University is currently accepting job applications for a sports psychologist!

Only three simple things are needed:

-Experience; how many years have you been working?

-Willingness to Help; we have plenty of needs for you. Can you meet the standard?

-Degree; how many years of schooling do you have?

Want to know more?

To further expand on the original ideas, experience.  We need someone who knows what they are doing so that they can jump right into work, and start helping our athletes as soon as possible! This really goes right along with how much schooling you have had.  To provide the best experience and help for our athletes, we are looking for the best.  You will need to have your doctorate degree, along with your PhD.  Also, we would like for you to have minored in sports studies (clinical doctoral programs are great too.)

We are very eager to find someone who is just right for the job! Some of the tasks we may ask you to complete are composed of:

-helping build self-confidence for each and every client

-making sure each client is maintaining a healthy mental hygiene

-talking through any problems in and off the playing field

Lastly, having a personal, and safe relationship with every athlete

If you play your cards right, you could be earning up to $60,000, even more depending on experience

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