Cody Wald: S&E Marketing Final

Movie Poster Evaluation

This Battleship movie poster does a great job at drawing viewers attention, giving some idea of what the movie is about, and making people want to see the movie. Many different elements of this poster add things to serve those purposes. First of all, the large intense image of the flashy, fearless robot looking creature takes up most of the movie poster which really draws viewers eyes to this creature. In addition to drawing attention in the eyes of viewers, the large robot creature also hints to the viewer that the creature character is a crucial to this movie. Next, the large robot creature is a part of an overall image of an ocean scene with a ship in the background. It seems as though this is an actual image from a scene of the movie. It clues the viewers in that there could be some sweet ocean battle scene or something of that nature taking place in this film. Really drawing in action, sci-fi movers lovers. Such an intense image, other then drawing viewers attention, contributes to making the posters viewers want to go see this movie. The next aspect of this poster is the title of the movie. The poster does a good job at making the title "BATTLESHIP" large across the screen, however, the color of the font takes away from the large text and actually makes the title hard to see. The light color blends slightly with the light water color in the background, so even though its large and in the middle of the poster the movie name doesn't exactly stand out to viewers and accomplish its goal of grabbing the viewers attention. A color change may have been more effective. Overall I believe that this movie poster could be quite effective in achieving its goals of making people go see the movie, but its not as perfect as it could be.

Movie Trailer Evaluation!

"The Purge" movie trailer is a very good trailer in promoting the movie. To be honest with you, from personal experience I believe the trailer did an unbelievable job to get people to want to attend a decent movie, but it may have shown too much of the movie. This trailer uses many of the strategies that we learned in class to make it such a good trailer, and after seeing the movie I have a better understanding on just how good they did. To begin the movie trailer it starts out feeling very peaceful and happy. The movie tries to portray a Utopian society at the beginning of the movie and that's the same thing that the trailer does. At the same time they are portraying the basic plot of the story by explaining it across the screen with text with the addition of showing different clips from the movie. About 25 seconds into the movie trailer the real feel of the movie begins to take shape. The constant alarm going off in background along with emergency vehicle sirens gives it a ere, panic feeling and builds suspense in the viewer that something is going to happen. Following that the trailer does a great job in really showing the plot along with giving hints that something is going to happen by showing clips from the beginning of the movie where the people are preparing for the one big night of the purge. The father character tells the children "they will be fine just like always, no worries" along with characters sharpening blades, loading guns, and even arming their homes with protective systems to keep something out (which are clips from the beginning of the actual video). This all takes place with the alarm sounds going off, setting a pretty suspenseful stage for viewers. This part followed by the commencement of the purge and when you see the faces of the killers is what got me really wanting to go see the movie. It really appeals to people who like suspenseful, thrilling, horror/action movies like I do. The part the trailer kind of hurt the movie is by showing maybe too many climatic parts. This trailer goes a little overboard when it comes to hinting the climatic parts. For example it shows when the boy let the struggling man in their home, when the killers showed up to get the man, and most of the scarier parts with the killers haunting the family in their home. I know they hinted a little too much because after the movie I felt like I already seen all the good parts, which I kind of did because most of them were in the trailer. The movie trailer actually may have over promoted the movie by making people really want to see the movie, but then not thinking it was as good as the trailer made it seem when they seen it. Which was exactly what I felt. In my personal opinion it was one of the best movie trailers I have ever seen, but after watching it I realized it was because most of the movie was in the trailer.

What to merchandise & what not to.

I believe that merchandising for the movie "A Haunted House 2" would not be effective for the studio. However, merchandising for " Mr. Peabody & Sherman" would be. "A Haunted House 2" is a sequel to the first horror spoof movie " A Haunted House." In this movie a couple moves into their dream home with their children and begin to have spoof paranormal activities happen to them. Their is no real story line other then to make fun of other horror films, and make the viewers laugh. This movie would not make sense to merchandise for, for a couple reasons. First, other then posters, there isn't a very effective good that they could try to merchandise. This movie appeals to more adult like audience (being rated R) so toys, dolls, bedding and all that would not be too successful. When it comes to clothing there doesn't seem to be a really catchy logo or anything that they could use for clothing. You do not see a lot of people walking around with shirts or hats of horror films and this is basically that. Merchandising is not the right promotion strategy for this movie. In contrast, "Mr. Peabody & Sherman" would be promoted very effectively with merchandising. This is a movie that is PG and really appeals to children. In this movie Mr. Peabody ( which is a dog) adopts a boy and they build a time travel machine together. They go on many adventures in the machine, and end up changing history. They have to find a way to repair history and Mr. Peabody has to face the challenge of being a parent. The reason I believe this will be easy to appeal and sell merchandise is because kids will be drawn to the two main characters. They could easily sell posters, action figures, dolls, bedding, clothing and other stuff. These two cute cartoon characters would really appeal to children and be a great promotion strategy for the movie.

Another Record Company Suing Story.

In 2011 Eminem's producers decided that he wasn't being awarded all the royalties that he should be so they sued his record label Universal Music Group. The big dilemma that was being fought over is whether or not a customer buying a song on iTunes would be a sale or a license. The reason that makes it a dilemma especially to music artists is because a license rewards the artists with 50% of the royalties and a sale only gives them 12%. That is a big difference and a big deal to these artists. In class we watched a video and read some articles on major record labels being screwed over by their record companies. The record companies found ways to make the contracts come out great for them. They would make it look good to the artists but the fine print was not exactly that. This whole license and sale discrepancy is another way the record labels can take advantage of the artists. With such a increase in digital music downloads, there is a lot of money on the line for these artists. Record labels like Universal Music Group tried to do a good job in making the ITunes downloads a sale and cheat artists like Eminem out of a bunch of hard earned money. Sounds a lot like the stories of the artists we learned about in class. Personally, I am sickened of the thought of these labels making millions of dollars off these talented artists when they have nothing to do with the creation of the art.

Tv Show News Article

This story is about how ABC marketing team found some new ways to spice up their marketing strategies for last falls new television shows. For example, the one the that really drew my attention was how the show "Lucky 7" actually marketed with a mini lottery because it fits the story line of their show. In their show 7 gas station employees strike it rich in the lottery. So to correlate with that, the show actually allowed customers to sign up online in a chance to win a mini lottery put on by the show. The winning numbers would be aired during the first episode of the season on the show. In class we learned about different marketing strategies and this is a super unique way to incorporate a contest strategy directly into the show, and really seems to fit nicely with the plot line of the show. The article also talks about some other different marketing strategies the network used for their shows like pairing up, for two weeks, with Irvine, a Californian frozen yogurt chain, where they actually offered flavors based off of Tv shows. For example, Bazinga Blueberry or We-Are-Man-Go. This is another unique way to promote your show. Instead of just using the usual billboards or commercial route they almost went an experience marketing route. You don't see a lot of Television show flavored yogurt. This article is very interesting in talking about the different strategies marketing teams try to use to promote their shows.

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