Milwaukee Introduces New Tape Measures For 2015

With the beginning of a brand-new year, brand-new products are being introduced left and right as well as power tool manufacturers are enthusiastic about following this fad. Between the intro of some wonderful Makita tools as well as Senco replacement parts, Milwaukee has actually also signed up with the party with a task site speaker and brand-new tape measures which they claim are excellent for basic specialists and also routine handymen who need to take dimensions on normal basis.

Milwaukee tools claims that these measuring tape are well maximized for general layout use. When as compared to the existing providings of Milwaukee hereof, new tape measures include a broader tape that increases its use and benefit when making use of on flat surface areas. Wider base means less possibility of tape rolling over or obtaining ruined.

They likewise showcase a new style that consists of a hook that matches for scoring various sorts of materials such as drywall. Milwaukee additionally asserts that contractors would certainly be hard pressed to find a far better tape in regards to quality, durability as well as performance. According to them these tapes will certainly last long and would certainly come to be service providers' dependable partners for all the tasks.

On the accessibility front, Milwaukee claimed that 16 feet and 25 feet variations will be available in February 2015 with more to come later. The other designs of measuring tape that we will certainly view from Milwaukee in the future consist of the following at CPO Milwaukee Coupon Code:

30 feet Tape Measure (Design Number 48-22-5530).
35 feet Measuring tape (Design Number 48-22-5535).
5 meter Measuring tape (Version Number 48-22-5705).
5 meter/16 feet Measuring tape (Model Number 48-22-5616).
8 meter Measuring tape (Version Number 48-22-5708).
8 meter/26 feet Measuring tape (Design Number 48-22-5625).
10 meter Tape Measure (Model Number 48-22-5710).

When it involves rates, Milwaukee has actually placed a sensible tag on both models as 16 feet alternative would certainly be offered for 14 dollars while you could additionally get the 25 feet tape variant for 4 more dollars. You could obtain these tapes from any sort of location where they sell Milwaukee tools or Milwaukee replacement components.

There is a little opportunity of these tapes eating into the market share of magnetic tapes as the last portion a totally various purpose. Nonetheless, for these prices these tapes can provide various other brand names like Black and also Decker a run for their money. So, various other brand names might should up their game.

Magnetic tapes may be rather handy with the very easy lock function but for fast and tiny dimensions, finger usage is always extremely handy and that's why Milwaukee tools is targeting basic service providers and also everyday handymen with these tapes who do not typically gauge in 10s of meters. Nonetheless, there is one disadvantage to these tapes and that's the bigger base. It may give tape the stability however it likewise makes it heavier and bulkier which takes away some factors from this product in terms of convenience of use. Altogether, just time will inform how these tape measures are obtained by the market as well as consumers. At the moment they appear like a pretty engaging competitor to other brands as well as Milwaukee's own offerings.