Homefront Tack

My name is Billy Beard. I am from Indiana. i am 25 years old . June 23,1863 i live on a big farm with my mom and my dad is stationed in Ohio.

Day 1

Morning: Get up and do chores, after that eat breakfast get my fishing gear together

Afternoon: fished all day  

Night: did chores again and then went to bed

Day 2

Morning: I found out the fence was down to the pasture so i had to go and fix that ,after i was done i ate breakfast and then went to do my chores.

Afternoon: Had to get some meat for the family so i went out hunting for the rest of the day.

Night: Got home skined the deer did my chores for the night and went to bed    

Day 3

Morning: I woke up early my mom has already done my chores but i still had to do the gardening.

Afternoon: It took me the whole day to do the gardening i had to plow the field, plant the plants, and give the plants water.

Night: I ate dinner then went to bed  

Day 4

I slept all day i was sick

Day 5

Morning: got up

Afternoon: went fishing all day

Night: go to bed

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