I believe that nature is soul. I think that nature makes you feel alive, and sends positivity into your thoughts. The rhythms and seasons of the natural world gives you comfort and divinity. You can find possibility and beauty in nature, because with nature you can do or create many things, and the things, or even nature itself, is beautiful. Nature makes me a better individual because of the possibilities nature gives you, and the positivity that comes with the beauty of nature.

Knowledge is a significant part of transcendentalism. It is important to have a decent amount of knowledge as long as you do not devote your life into it. Having knowledge allows you to expand your mind to even more knowledge, and that allows you to have a better understanding of you and your surroundings. Knowledge makes me a better individual because I'm not completely oblivious to the things that are surrounding me, and I am constantly allowing myself to be open minded and learn knew things.

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3 years ago

How can nature give you anything positive where nature itself acts only from it's own will.