Is it real Love ?


Born October 20th 1587 , Died November 1st , 1602 . He committed suicide when he was 17 years of age . He was a Montague and was in love with a Capulet Name Juliet. He had drunk some strong extreme poison to kill himself . The little life that he lived he lived his life to the fullest. When he First heard about the Capulet party he heard it over the new and him and his friends decided to go. When he arrived he saw Juliet and they were flirting , and he instantly fell in love with her which was love at first sight.


Born August 1 , Died July 31 . She committed suicide by shooting herself after she saw Romeo kill himself. She was a Capulet and the nurse had warned her about Romeo being a Montague . At the time she didn't care after they had kissed which was a meaningful kiss. She instantly fell in love with him also because of there kiss and flirting etc. She also lived her life to the fullest for the 14 years that she had . She was happy that her and  Romeo had got married cause thats all she wanted. What they had was real love .


Born May 13 , 1524 , Died July 18th , 1509 . He was killed by Tybalt by a big fight that happen between them. He was a loving and caring friend to Romeo and had a lot of knowledge . He was the most out going one out of all the boys , funny , crazy , loud . Romeo was hurt that his friend had passed away in front of his eyes . That following day another death had happen and it was Tybalts . Mercutio was the most outstanding friend and he had cared for all of friends he was truly missed by everyone .


Born April 5th 1587 , Died July 15th 1809 . He was a Capulet and was Juliet uncle , he did not like the fact that Juliet was with with Romeo at the party . He was killed by Romeo after romeo had witness him killing Mercutio. After romeo killed him he had somebody come get him and they took him to go see Juliet. I dont think he regreted it because tybalt kilt his friend .  

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