How to be Safe on the Internet

1.Do not give out personal info

2.Do not respond to fake messages that say you have won 1,000 dollars

3.Do not give out your full name

4.Never agree to meet with anyone you met online and have never met face to face

5.Tell an adult if something feels wrong

6.Use-anti virus software

7.Do not let stalkers or creepers track your phone

8.Keep your passwords safe

9.Use hard to guess passwords

10.Do not talk to strangers online

Being on the internet can be fun weather it is playing games or watching videos,but being on the internet can also be dangerous.People can steel your personal info and money this process is called phishing.There is many ways people can do this, they can send fake emails ,hack into your computer, set up fake websites, or even create viruses.Although the internet can  be scary there is ways you can prevent these things from happening like using an anti-virus software or keeping your passwords safe.

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