Comma Rules

1.) When  separating phases that dont need to be there.

EX:  My little pet, is hungry.

2.) When linking two independent clauses with a conclusion.

EX: I want to go to my friends house, but I have to do my homework.

3.) when your addressing someone in particular .

EX: Lets go eat, at Burger King.

4.) When making a list.jj

EX: Can you bring me some takis, soda, popcorn and, my phone.

5.) When you have more than one adjective modifying a noun.

EX: The funny dog, fell.

6.) after introductory phrases or clauses.

EX: once were finish, we can hear music

The "Other " there

1.) December 31st ,2012

2.)Have a nice day at school !          Love,mom

3 Sacramento, Californina

When not to use a comma

1.) when separating two independent clauses without a conjunction.

2.) After the conjunction.

3.) When separating a dependent and independent clauses with a conjunction.

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