Esperanza Rising
by Pam Munoz Ryan
Cherokee Taylor

The rich person is richer when he becomes poor than the poor,than the poor person when he becomes rich". Pg 23)In Esperanza Rising by Pam Munoz Ryan,the main character Esperanza's house burns down,and her dad dies so she moves to America to find a job.No matter how hard life is you'll always keep rising

In the beginning,Esperanza's life was great but when her dad it started to get tragic.When epEsperanza goes to America she gets a job and works her way back up."Where are u coming from."(pg.821.)When she gets a job the owner is asking her questions that she doesn't have.Esperanza was working her way back up to top like she was and is now.

Next,Esperanza gets a job and since than everything has been great."It seems you have been praying for at least nine days."(pg 214) Esperanza has had a good life since she has been praying and had a good job.And she has been really great praying and providing for her family.When she starts to get things that help her because she prayed.(job,house and money)

So When she got everything she needed she was rising more because she got a job and is helping her family. Suddenly,Esperanza was happy at the end."as bad as things are we have to keep trying."(pg.224.) She finally kept trying to reach her goals and once she did,everthing has changed from when she came to America,to where she's at now in America.When she reaches her goals which was a job,house,money and a better life she rose even more.

No matter how hard life is you'll always keep rising.This story Esperanza Rising is a very multi-feeling story. And we learned, no matter how much things happened in the past keep your head up for the future.

Ryan, Pam Muñoz. Esperanza rising. New York: Scholastic Press, 2000. Print.

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