Cruelty of Horses in WW1

Why I Think Using Horses in WW1 was Bad

I think using hoarse in war was a mistake, because the horses that was in the war wasn't ready for artillery and machinery. The hoarse also could of belonged to a person that had grown up with them but got shipped off to war by a guardian. This is a true fact because there is a book that's called The real story of war horses on the western front which states out real events that occurred with a boy and his hoarse. Another fact that I want to express is the situation in war with the horses in war being slaughtered is another fact in my argue about why they shouldn't of have had horses in war, example that i will stress out and give is that horses that were in the battleground risks disease and exhaustion from running too much and another despicable thing that they could do to the hoarse is they ate the remaining hoarse that dint have anything wrong with them.

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