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Major Languages: Spanish, some speak indigenous languages

Location: Central America along the Caribbean and Pacific Coast

Population: 7,615,584 people. Average person lives to about seventy four.


   The average yearly rainfall in Honduras varies from 240 centimeters and 84 centimeters. The general seasonal weather conditions in Honduras varies where you live. In the mountains the weather is between 61 and 68 degrees. the weather along the Caribbean coat is between 75 and 96 degrees Fahrenheit.


   Honduras is a very culturally diverse place. There are religions, sports, and music from all over the world. The most popular religion in Honduras is Roman Catholic. There are other tribal religions located in Honduras as well. Honduras's government is democratic constitutional republic, which means the government is based of their constitution and officials are elected by the people. Honduras music reflects the diversity in the country. There music varies from reggae, reggae ton, and salsa. Some famous music artists in Honduras are Lidia Handal, Khaoticos, and Extreme Victory. Ninety percent of their population is made up of Mestizos and American Indians. Others are a mix of all different kind s of races from Mexican to European. The major sport in Honduras is soccer.  Baseball, volleyball, and basketball are also popular sports.

Interesting Facts:

    The Honduras flag has three horizontal stripes. The top and the bottom stripe are blue. They represent the waters surrounding Honduras. The white stripes symbolizes peace and prosperity.The five stars represents the nations former federal republic of Central America.

    Honduras is full of beautiful animals. Some of the native animals are green macaw, blue macaw, and the harpy eagle.

    Many people in Honduras travel by bus, foot, and bike. The much more wealthy people travel by car and jet.


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