Fair of the unfairly

by:Taylor Stewart

Fair of the Unfairly

1. All rules are necessary because people out there in Jonas’s community they do really bad stuff that makes them want or basically have to follow the rules and yes I do think that the rules in his community are fair. A lot of people  don't really follow them correctly then they end up in jail.

2.All rules are not necessary, Because a lot of people or  children don't know to follow them. There are kids that are 6 and younger and they don't need to not know how they have to obey the rules. Most kids know what they have to do to obey the rules but other than that those rules are kind of not necessary.

3.People who do not follow the rules, they have to like go to jails or be punished because in order to follow the rules, you have to see what they can help you do in life. People who do not follow the rules well, they wont be anywhere in life if they don't obey the rules and laws.

4.Consequences in Jonas community are really not fair maybe to him but not to other people. There are children that are maybe not old enough they can get take from the little family they have or anything they love. The children could or is going to be attached to that little family and doesn't wanna leave so no all consequences are not fair.

5.The rules in Jonas's community are not gonna be changed once they are changed it's no going back they could change them during things that go in life or in Jonas life because things that happen in community or places in they could change the law to prevent whatever they changed it to keep that from happening.   

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