Habiba Abubakar - About EAP

EAP, or the Elderly and the Poor Foundation, is a nonprofit, and non-donatable charitable organization that strives to serve the less-privileged, elderly, poor and struggling family populations of Nigeria. Founded by Habiba Abubakar, the organization’s current owner, in 2006, EAP continues to be solely financed by Abubakar, known for the lifelong commitment she has made to the care and support of those in the most need.

The vision of Hajia Habiba Abubakar and the EAP organization is to create a world where all poor, elderly, disabled and orphaned children and their families have access to the support they need to succeed, whenever and for as long as they need it. Their ultimate mission is to provide the services and support both struggling people and families need to achieve an effective state of independence; to reach a life of self-sustainability through access to opportunity. They are able to accomplish this mission through the constant provision of food, shelter, clothing and facilities people need to bet back on their feet, as well as the educational opportunity they need to learn and achieve independent movement.

Habiba Abubakar and EAP work to provide disabled and orphaned children a safe haven of support, and to help stem, and even reverse, the impact that life on the street can have on a young person’s life. They also seek to help the elderly live more independent, fuller and happier lives; lives of dignity and self-esteem that afford them the chance to live in their own homes and on their own terms.

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