Earth's Layers

                                                                    By Ruoming Shen

The Crust

     The crust is the outermost and thinnest layer of Earth. The crust is divided into 2 parts: the oceanic and continental crust. The oceanic crust is found under the ocean floor. It is about 4 miles thick. The continental crust is under land masses. Its thickness is about 10-75 kilometers. The continental crust is way older than the oceanic crust, because there are rocks about 4 billion years old while the oceanic crust is still forming. It is made out of sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic rocks.

The Mantle

      The mantle is 2nd layer of Earth. It is about 1,802 miles thick. This layer consists magma and hot, melted rock. There are 2 layers of the mantel. There is the upper mantle and lower mantle. The upper mantel has magma that flows and the lower mantle, which is found under the upper mantle, is solid because of the pressure.

The Outer Core

      The outer core is the one of the hottest and deepest parts of Earth. It borders the inner core and mantle. This layer is approximately 1,430 miles thick. The temperature is between 7,200-9,000 Fahrenheit. The outer core is made out of all metal, mostly iron and nickel.

The Inner Core

      The inner core is also one of the hottest and deepest parts of Earth. It is shaped like a ball since it's the last layer. Also, it is about 750 miles thick. The inner core is made mostly out of iron. Even though the iron is extremely hot, about 9,000-13,000 Fahrenheit, the pressure is so intense that the iron wouldn't melt, so the inner core is solid.