A blizzard forms by winds that are more than 35 miles per hour and temperatures below -20 degrees Fahrenheit. For a blizzard to form, it has to be very cold. The precipitation type is snow. A blizzard is a mix of low temperatures, howling winds and snow. For a blizzard to form hot air needs to rise over cold air. A blizzard only can happen in a cold front. The air needs to be cold at the surface, the atmosphere needs to have lots of moisture, and you need hot air to rise over cold air.

One famous blizzard from the past year was the Himalayan blizzard in the Himalaya mountains. There were 23 lives lost. The impact of the storm was very big, and it affected a lot of people. When family members die or buildings are destroyed, it can impact the way you live. You may lose food supply if there is to much snow, you can not go and get food. If there is to much snow on the roofs, it could do damage to your house.

There was  a blizzard in 1888 called the Great Blizzard. It was one of the most severe blizzard ever recorded. The blizzard fell in parts of New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut. The winds were more than 45 miles per hour. There were more than 400 lives lost. There was 20 to 60 inches of snow. It costed a total of 25 million dollars.

The differences between the Himalayan blizzard and the Great blizzard are very big. The great blizzard was had a bigger affect because there were more people around here, because it was a bigger city. The Himalayan blizzard was a smaller effect because it was in the mountains, so there were less people there.

Changes that humans have had were deaths of family or friends. You could lose a house, or a whole neighborhood. To prevent those things you can watch weather forecasts for a blizzard information, you could keep your family in the basement and have blankets to keep warm for the blizzard. You could keep a food supply, so that if you are snowed in, you have plenty of food supply. You should also not travel during the time of a blizzard, incase it hits you. Those are the things that you can do to keep yourself safe from a blizzard.

We can prepare for a blizzard by watching the weather forecasts, to see if a blizzard is coming. You should go to your basement and have blankets and enough food, encase you get snowed in. Make sure to have flashlights if the power goes out. If there is a lot of snow your town should have  snow plows so that you can gt out of your house. Those are some of the things you can do to protect yourself from the blizzard.

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