#trevizoEOY6 Britney Federico

letter of intent

Federico,Britney Nicole

38026 rose lane

El Paso,TX,79936

Luisa Rodriquez

doctor for pregnant women

2468 pure life ave.

el paso tx, 79936

Dear to whom it may concern,Luisa is a very hard working person. She works well with others. Able to multi-task very well. Very friendly to others. She can speak and write in English and Spanish.

She would like to work with ladies that are pregnant. She has some experience working in a clinic. And young newborns. She has volunteer at local clinics.

thank you,

Britney Federico



1249 william Harvey



my goal is to be in the Navy as a first responded fire fighter.  i would be able to save life's. my plans are to go to school and enter as a high rank.


2004-2014 -prek all the way to 6th grade

2012-2014 Hernando middle school

2014-2018 el dorado high school

experience 2012-2015

i would go and volunteer at my local fire station. I would  donate food and blankets fo rthe kids that needed them


good listener


fast instincts



leader of recommendation

to whom it may concern ,

i would like to recommend luisafernanda Rodriquez as a obstetrician-gynecologist. i known Luisa for a year now . she gets a little side track but gets back to topic right away. she  has very good manners and may be polite. she has some what of a filter. she puts her heart in to it when it comes to something she has a passion for.     

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