Internet Safety Rules By: Craityn Mills

Rule #1- If things just get awkward between you and that person then block them and tell somebody

If things get weird then block that person. If they ask for anything personal then tell an adult that you trust.   

Rule #2- Watch what you post

If you don't want your teachers or parents seeing what you post then just don't post it.   Make sure that you don't give out personal info.

Rule #3- Ask your parent if it's okay to chat with that person

If you are chatting with someone online cheek with your mom or dad.  Because if its a bad person and  they know that it's a bad person then they will stop you from talking to that person.

Rule #4- NEVER ever agree going with someone  you met on the internet

If you agree to go with someone on the internet that you just met probably won't end up good.   And if that person says "lets meet up." Block them and tell somebody.

Rule#5-  Don't be a hater please

If someone has a post and you don't like it just keep your mean thoughts to yourself and say your nice thoughts.   Don't start fights online its just not appropriate.

Thank You for Your Time!

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