Civil War Journal

By Arron Compass

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My Name is Aaron Compass and I am a 31 year old Sergeant Major for the union. I live on the north border of texas. I have 3 kids and a wife, one 6 year old boy, and one 1 year old girl, I am fighting for them to have a better life. I have just ended the 2nd battle of Gettysburg, we lost terribly the first day but now we are ahead and winning we believe.

WS: Hey possum, I have been through the mill today, you?

CL: Im hard knocked by a jailbird with hornets

WS: I dont care, Im played out, shut up and eat your gloobers.

CL: You’re such a kid glove boy

WS: Dont even talk to me you fresh fish, you are no longer my possum.

CL: You need to chill and go take a quick-step

WS:Hey, its not my fault i’m not fresh as a fiddle, you’re gonna get whipped.

CL: Are you tight?

WS: I never drink tar water liar.

CL: You need to skedaddle and get snug as a bug at home. Bye

WS: im done with you.

Jeremiah Hanley Had a sick mother, and left her with others to go fight in the army, he than enlisted with his brother and lied about his age to fight in the war. He than is going to go and enlist to fight with out his brother in the union. He than takes cover behind trees setting up a defence line like he was told. Jeremia risses in his ranks, he continues to do well and have an inpact on the world.

1. WHen you chose confederacy, what caused the choice? "well, I believe slavory is wrong and yes, I was close to my brother but I cant fight for what I believe is wrong."

2. Something your proud of? "Not letting my brothers madness get in the way of good things I have done."

The part of  the union I am with has just set up a new camp. We are separated into small cabins packed in, as much as soldiers try to stay to get alone time, we are packed in tight due to the weather, however this does not stop us from drills, every morning we wake up and 6:30 A.M and start drilling, next we practice things on out own dividing into smaller groups. Camp life is hard with constant drilling, no time fore much of anything, just stay inside packed in because of bad weather, and hard drilling stopped by nothing. I guess since we do get close to cabin shelters, it is extremely nice compared to other.  

Hello friend, lately this have been extra boring here with camp life, so I decided to write to you about it to pass some time. Here at camp we do spend a lot of time drilling, although we get up very super early so we still have time to pass. Some popular things to do are to bible study, gamble, and have talent shows. Although those may be popular I have more favorites, to pass time I like to gamble, sing and write songs, and talk to the Confederates, Its not allowed but we always have nice conversations. Please write back! Thanks for listening!

Camp life

Camp life

What to do

I am bored all the time

and sick of the food

Oh camp life

camp life

what to do.

Here at camp I see more injuries occur than on the battle field, it always seems to me like its very rare to die on the battle field because most die from sickness. Diarrhea, and pinkeye, and all sorts of infections are very common to die from here I have noticed because of all the exposure, people also I have noticed are miserable from a not established sickness, home sickness.

Going home was not as great as I thought, I went home with everyone proud of me, but I had left so much for my wife to handle. When I got there I was not happy because I felt like a killer, also I felt like I had abandon my kids and they had to grow up without me. I was so happy to be home but I felt like I didn't deserve to have everyone so happy for me and proud. Although it was the best part, and I can finally continue on with my life and be a normal citizen.

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