The Seven Themes of
Catholic Social Teaching
By: Ava

Life and Dignity of the Human Person

It is very important to love and respect other people around us. In our world today, many people are disrespecting others and not treating them nicely. Instead of fighting, we should find a way to solve the arguments. Just because other people have less then others, that doesn't mean we treat them with no respect. Instead, we need to help those who have less than others.

CARE helps all hunger, violence, and disease in the world. Also, they help girls and boys receive a good education. You can donate and make a difference in the world.

Call to Family, Community, and Participation

We need to work as a team to shape our society. We should make sure that our laws are fair for everyone and that everyone gets a say in the society. Everyone one who is sick or poor should also be cared for.

World Health Organization (WHO) works in these areas...

Health systems
Promoting health through the life-course
Noncommunicable diseases
Communicable diseases
Corporate services
Preparedness, surveillance and response

By donating, you are helping other people health all over the world.

Rights and Responsibilities

Everyone in this world has the right to have food, clothing, homes, and an education. We need to respect these things and help each other in our family to make sure they have enough food, clothing, and an education. Everyone has the right to these things.

This website allows you to donate and your money will go to the less fortunate. By doing this, you are giving someone who has very little, a chance to have food, water, and clothing. Their goal is to make everyone in the world feel protected with a place to call home.  

Option for the Poor and Vulnerable

We need to pay attention to the people who are struggling in life and might not have as much as everyone else. We are dividing ourselves by the people that are rich and the people that are poor. That is a terrible thing and we should try to be together instead of not including others.  

Global Impact's mission is to have productive ways to give to causes, regions and crises all over the world. You can donate to the Global Impact and help people around the world.

The Dignity of Work and the Rights of Workers

People in this world work very hard to have a home, food, and clothing. We need to make sure these workers are protected and taken care of because they do so much in this world. In order to take care of them, we can make sure they get paid a fair amount and have enough food, water, and clothing.

Fair Labor wants to protect workers’ rights and and make working conditions around the world. It is very important to protect workers in this world because they do so much for us. This organization helps protect those who work so hard for us.


We are all one family and we need to treat each other as our brothers and sisters. Even though we might think, look, or act differently, we are all a creation by God. We need to love one another and promote peace in the world.

Family Promise's goal is to help the families that don't have a lot all over the world. They believe that families should stay together and be cared for and that is what they do. By donating, you are helping families all over the world.

Care for God's Creation

We should not just care for the people in this world, but the animals and nature in it too. Everything around you is God's creation and we need to respect and take care of it. We need to protect the plants and animals and treat them as you would like to be treated. God's creation is wonderful and we should be thankful for it.

This website allows people to donate money and they will plant trees. This helps the planet and God's creation. Also, when you donate money, you are giving the children in Africa and Asia food and clothing.