Public Education is Failing

For the past years there has been a lot of controversy on the education system that the United States has.

A lot of people take the side of the lies, they go for the idea that "no public education is not failing". Others take the side of the truth they actually support the facts.

Theres a lot of debates on this topic because people wont open their eyes, public education is failing but they wont admit it. Thats were the people that are for this idea come in, they just want to make the people that are against to accept the facts.


“In primitive human societies, the learning process was an informal one; knowledge and values were transmitted through stories, music, and art, and industrial activities. Emphasis was on the skills and knowledge needed to conduct one's daily affairs within the community, including hunting, cooking, weaving, and pottery, as well as cultural knowledge, and religious rituals” (Education). This was the first sign  of education in the world. But then technology started to evolve and we had to change the things that we would teach, we would have to teach harder and more advanced subjects. Students saw that their classes were getting harder and that's when every went south, people started dropping out and failing their class.

This is just a bit more of education background.

This video pretty much states that we do have a problem in our educationsystem and he have to dosomething to change it.

My opinion

At first i didnt think that the public education system was failing since i go to a public school but once i started looking at the reaserch i realized that the system was indeed failing so im for, that public education is failing.

Arguments of the "For" side

One of the arguments made of why is failing is that theres a lot of students dropping out of school or they are failing. The second one is that the behavior of the students is getting bad, teachers ar having problems with their students. One of the ideas giving is that it just says that private education is better than public because it prepares the kids and it gives higher education.

Arguments of the "Against" side

The first statement given is that  well its free, parents dont have to pay a huge bill. Second is that parents dont have to worry about their kids learning about any religions. The third one is that public schools are open for everybody, public schools dont accept you because you are a different race or color.

How will the issues in this topic affect the future of society?

Well first of all this topic is never going to get fixed, you might be asking why? The answer to that question is that like every other topic people are going to have their own opinions on things and from there it builds off into this huge battle of the two sides. People are never going to accept the fact that yeah we are not perfect we cant have anything that is perfect  because in the eyes of someone else it is inperfect. Some people might like how public schools are but others wont and maybe in the future they are going to stick with their opinion that even they might make things worse.

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