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Consider How You Portray Yourself. What Image Do You Present To Society And How Do You Do It?

I think i am the "Classic Person" I don't get into any trouble, I hang out with the friends i hang out with at school. I don't do any bad stuff and i do not hang out with bad people. I am not a "Do-Gooder" I don't do anything that helps out the community. I don't stay out until late hours. I go to community events such as Midnight Madness or the fall fair that is a yearly event in Bolton. I don't litter or try and pollute the environment. I am not one of those people who does bad things or who does not care about the law. I am a person who would help someone in public if they needed help or if an older person needs their lawn cut i will do it for free. I am not a saint i am just a regular person .

If You Could Portray A Different Persona ( Or Even A Alter-Ego) What Would It Be, And How Does It Differ From How You Usually Portray Yourself?

If I had to portray a different persona i would be a super smart "Goodie Goodie" I would help in the community a lot, volunteer everywhere. It changes from my normal persona because I do not ever volunteer ever, I do not clean up the community at all and i do not get super good grades in school. I do not and i will never drive a Eco-friendly car. That is how i would change my persona.

Do People See You The Way You Wish To Be Seen? How Would You Like People To See You? Discuss The Legacy You Are Leaving At Allan Drive.

I am pretty sure people see me for who i wish people to see me as. I just want people to see me as a normal person. The legacy I want to leave at Allan Drive is that no matter how hard you try keep trying you will get out of this school soon and go to high school try and get the best marks possible and just have fun.

How Is Your Legacy Represented Within Your Digital Footprint (Twitter, IG, FaceBook, Vine)?

Although I do not use any social media i have used used it before and still have accounts. When i used them i did not do anything bad on them because i didn't use them much. I basically only had my family added. I didn't say or post anything bad. The reason i stopped using the social media accounts because a lot of people would stop becoming friends on there because what people spread around and a couple of fights broke out because of it, Also it was really stupid and boring.

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