Characterization: Montag

the fireman

Indirectly: confused

During Montags life, he believed that as a fireman he should burn all books. Fireman in this book didn't put out fires but they started them. One day him and the fireman were going to an old lady's house to burn all her books. But what montag was confused about was that he didnt understand why the lady burned along with her books. He had an idea that the books could have some kind of meaning to them. So he decided to steal a lot of books and read them.

Directly: Ambitous

Montag was directly ambitous about his job because at the first few pages he mentioned that he loved his job and loves the fact that he likes to burn books. This is a direct characterization because he actually loves what he does for a living. I think he also shows ambition by wanting to find out what importance of books that society is missing.

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