Being there for the client

There are many complications that occur when a company commits to operating business in either freighting, shipping or maritime. There are many possible risks and liabilities associated therewith. Every year there are thousands of cases against businesses which operate in maritime conditions and suffer damages of various forms. Michael LeRoy is an extremely experienced and qualified attorney who handles admiralty and maritime law cases. His practice is with his law firm of Fulmer, LeRoy and Albee, of which he is the managing partner.

They, as a team, have worked tediously and have won many cases throughout the state of Florida. Many businesses and insurance companies have been assisted by Michael W Leroy and his legal knowledge. The most common property damage claims come from sinkholes. These types of cases can be very intense and involve multiple examinations under oath, and there is always the need to detect fraud and inconsistencies.

In these cases there is always the need to investigate and find the best possible reasons as to why damage has occurred. This is when Michael LeRoy and his team investigate and put forth the most thorough possible investigations to ensure the best possible defense. Fulmer, LeRoy & Albee has had an extremely successful track record in giving the best possible cases and protecting the rights of the businesses and insurers. It is important to protect the integrity of their clients.

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