Lucy Mobley

The most important thing is that Poverty is a bad world-wide issue. Poverty can be caused by lack of education, divorce rate, and maybe even overpopulation. Poverty can be solved by giving money to those who are poor. When the prices of houses if over 20,000 it may be hard for most people to afford. Some peoples jobs don’t pay them much so they live in either much much cheaper homes or no home at all.

Poverty can happen because of how expensive things are and overpopulation. Poverty can effect children too! Poverty effects 1 in 5 children across the world. That’s a lot of kids that may not have the necessities. When a child’s parent or guardian has a job where they get paid like 10 dollars an hour it may not be enough to support a family, big or small. If the parent has a job where they get paid average or more than average they might be able to afford a nice home.

Poverty is an issue that we can solve together. Children as well as adults are effected by this very large nation-wide problem. Once we get together to solve poverty it may disappear but not till' we do something about it. Poverty can be solved by taking time to give money and charity. People give money and do what they can to help those in poverty.

Why does poverty exist? Because of the cost of homes. When a house is to expensive people who are in poverty cant afford it. Overpopulation can also be a reason for poverty.

It's important to know about poverty because if we know something about it we can change, reduce, or even stop it.

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