Student-Teacher Connections

Teacher-Student Connection Four

  • Because of Susan's love of Princesses, I want to create a mini project with her that I know she will be interested in. I will provide her with colored paper, pens, crayons and princess stickers and she and I will create a poster called "If a fairy Godmother gave me three wishes." Susan can tell me what her three wishes are and we can write them on the poster (I will help her with the writing but also encourage her to practice.) Then she can decorate her poster with the stickers and whatever else she wants.

Teacher-Student Connection One

  • Susan loves everything to do with Princesses. She especially loves Disney princesses and loves nothing more than looking at books with a princess theme. In order to connect with Susan I think it is important that I enjoy this with her, so I plan to take the time a couple of times a week to read a princess themed book to her. I want to provide her with a magic wand to hold during story time so that she feels special. Here is a list of some books I plan to read with Susan:
  • Princess Polly and the Pea by Laurie Young
  • The Princess and the Pizza by Mary Jane Auch
  • Princess Prunella and the Purple Peanut by Maryann Kolvalski
  • Princess Poems by Fran Posner

Teacher-Student Connection Two

  • In the classroom we have a hamster called Rocky. Susan is such an affectionate student who loves animals and she loves to visit with Rocky. I will have Susan be my "Animal Helper" for a week (It is important that all children in this classroom get this opportunity) and we will work together to give Rocky fresh food and water everyday and to clean out his cage. Susan will need lots of help and assistance due to her problems with fine and large motor skills so I will stay close by her and help. I think this would be a great bonding experience for us and might even help Susan develop language skills through the conversations we have while working together.

Teacher-Student Connection Three

  • Susan loves to play on the swings during recess. She struggles with her large motor skills and does not take enjoyment with climbing or playing with a soccer ball. I think during recess it is important for me to bond with her by pushing her on the swings for a little bit, but also to encourage her to kick around a soccer ball with me. I get to bond with her and play, but I also get to help her focus on her large motor skills.