Digital Blog Post #D

Electronic note-taking is something that I love to do because it makes not only taking notes, but organizing notes so much easier. It has made my time in college a lot easier to manage. It also help ensure that I am going to get all the notes that I need written down. A good tool that can be used to do this is OneNote. Word can also be used to do this.

A topic that I find interesting is cognitive load. This refers to the way that information presented online can either support or restrict understanding and learning by readers and viewers. I find this interesting because it is a topic that teachers K - 12 have not been taught how to make critical judgments about. Since I am looking to become a Kindergarten teacher, I want to learn how to properly make critical judgments on this.

Another thing that I want to become more accustomed to are the Acceptable Use Policies (AUPs). These are the rules of technology use and the consequences of breaking those rules. This is important because it will show the kids what uses of technology is restricted in the school setting . These will make sure that kids use technology properly when in school and when doing school related activities online. I want to make sure that my students know how to and properly use the technology available in the classroom. I want them to be responsible with technology.

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