Sports and Entertainment Final Project
By: Erika Fussy

Movie Poster- Evaluate

This movie poster really draws your attention, because it has a large, shocking image, and it has bold text with contrasting colors so you notice it. I think it tells a little bit of what the movies about, because in the picture her face looks like its cracking almost like someone is breaking apart. Just from seeing this poster the image might have some people thinking "I have to see what this movie is about." Others might not think that it’s that shocking or interesting enough to go down to the movie theatre and watch it. For me a movie poster has to have something exciting or maybe even shocking on it almost like it has to be showing a main character, doing something that the other characters wouldn’t do.

Movie Trailer- Evaluate

They do use most of the clips from the beginning of the movie, and mix clips that appeal to a lot of different people. I think they teased the plot line really when, I think it’s supposed to be about a regular guy who lives his little yellow lego life and when he’s working falls into a hole then gets picked to help the superheroes save the world from the evil lego man. The climax of the trailer was when the evil lego man told his little robot things to attack everything, and they never gave away who was winning or who was close to losing. When I watched it I got the feeling that it’s supposed to be a fun-filled, action, and thrilling movie that everyone is going to like.

Reflection on the movie "Artifact"

I think a fair deal between the record label and the band would be if the band got 40%-55% of physical album sales, digital downloads, merchandise sales, and concert ticket sales. They should also get at least 45% of their endorsement deals and licensing rights to use their songs in commercials, movies and video games.

I believe artists continue to sign with a major label so they can get the world-wide fame they might have wanted, and to really get their name, and songs out there to their fans.
Before I saw the movie and I had no idea that major labels where that unfair, so unless the artist does some research I don’t think they have a clue when the major labels are like.
I think the real, defining issue in the movie was the the major label sewing the band for going outside of their contract. I believe they had a good reason for going outside of their contract because it was about three years over the limit of a normal contract in the state of California, but the label shouldn't have sewed them to get money that the band didn't even have.
Honestly I actually have no idea what I would do if I was in the band 30 Seconds To Mars, I probably would go along the lines of what they did.

Amusement/Theme Park Additional Value

If I ran my own amusement/theme park and had to come up with and additional value to people to spend more or just stay longer, I would do a discount almost like if you stay past a certain time you get a discount on certain things like food, merchandise, or maybe even rides.

When parents come with little kids I would have a discount that if they are staying at the resort or hotel that’s on or near the park grounds their tickets will be half off the original price, which might get them to stay a little longer.
I would have some golf carts, and/or shuttles in the part that could take the visitors to where they need/want to go so they can spend less time walking and more time doing what they really want to do. For the line problems, I would make a fast pass that gets the visitor to the front of the ride lines, and have a food pass (which is like a fast pass) that also gets them to the front of the line in any of the food lines.

Top 3 Marketing Strategies For Movie Marketers

During class we've talked about some strategies that would work great for music, movies, amusement/theme parks, and TV shows. I think the most important is probably social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and any other sites you can think of for social media. The reasons why I think social media is the most important are because most of the world has some sort of social media account, it’s fast and easy to reach people/fans.
The second most important would be advertising on billboards, TV commercials, magazines, and any other ways to advertise that could be thought of. Using billboards and magazines are a good way to get the word around about anything, I know when I’m at a store I just look through magazines and see a lot of ads for clothes, and perfume. TV commercials are also good because a lot people watch TV shows, and movies and when a commercial comes on there could be a chance that they don’t change the channel. When I’m watching something I won’t change the channel because I don’t want to risk the chance of missing any of what I’m watching.

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