K-12 mLearning Apps


During English class on Shakespeare, ask a few questions to gauge the students understanding of major themes and even characters. This will help form a better opinion of how the students are understanding the text. Example: "In your personal opinion, does Hamlet really go mad?" or even "How many of you have read the play?"


A great way to encourage students to write and work on their communication skills without using an essay. In any 7-12 English class, each student can have a blog and as they read a novel/play/poem, they can blog about it. Example: "By this weekend, I hope everyone can read up to chapter 5. After you're done, write a blog post about your initial reactions to anything you read, a character/setting/plot development etc."

QR Codes/Readers

Can use this during a scavenger hunt in any grade. Place the QR codes around the scavenger hunt area and students will use a QR reader to go to a site you've created that talks about that station and gives a hint to the next. Great for exploring the environment around them. For example: "there will be stations all over the school grounds outside. Each time you find a code, use your reader to go to the website that will explain it's significance to the environment and you can add information as well."

Jungle Time

In an elementary class, some students have a tough time telling time because of learning difficulties or disabilities. Jungle time is a a young learners app that can help students with any learning difficulties by presenting telling time in a different manner. Great to use if you notice some children are struggling but even better to implement as an overall teaching tool to promote UDL.

Google Drive

Creating a collaborative project has never been easier thanks to google drive and it's extensions. For a junior high science class working on geology, encourage each of the kids to upload a picture with notes into the drive under a specific folder. The pictures can be taken with your cellphone or camera and can be uploaded off any mobile or internet capable device. Once the pictures are together you can explore the features as a class.

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