Colonial     Times   Diary   Of   Andrew   Jurasek

Today was frightening cold & it was close to winter but it doesen't mater how cold it is, I have the same chores.My name is Billy Bob Jones,I am 25 years old & I am an only child. I'm 100% tired every day because even if  a tree is choped down by lightning or something I still have to break it up to have wood for the Fire Place.And also build our gust Cabin behind our Cabin.I think my mom is the hardest worker in our family even though my dad chops down one of big ist trees I've  ever seen.He gets allot of splinters to but I get allot of them to.The very next day at 7:30,I had to Butter Churn the milk.My arm gets very very tired,it feels like my arm is coming off.Finally after 2 hours at 9:30,it was dark and quite and I thought my parents forgot about me.They didn't even check on me and call me for dinner,and guess what they did,whin I whent in there they we're sound a sleep.It was a school night and it was already 9:45.The next day I got up 30 minutes late because all of the work, and because I'm the youngest in the family I had wash to my self first.Good buy !!!