Publishing in Elementary and Middle School Classrooms

Lucy Gray

In this workshop, we'll discuss basic options for publishing in your classroom.  Why should you consider publishing with your students?

  • To reinforce literacy skills
  • To document student work
  • To foster 21st century skills involving communication, connections and collaboration
  • To provide a vehicle for student voice and choice
  • To engage with an authentic audience

Finally, all grade levels within the Common Core State Standards Initiative have a writing standard that calls for the use of digital tools. For instance, here is a first grade example under the Common Core English Language/Arts writing stand in the category Production and Distribution of Writing, "With guidance and support from adults, use a variety of digital tools to produce and publish writing, including in collaboration with peers." Publishing allows for teachers to meet standards AND to develop meaningful and relevant writing activities for students. Teachers can even MAKE their own textbooks using these tools, too!

Exciting Examples

How are Students and Teachers Publishing?

Mac users can use Apple's free iBooks Author for publishing, particularly books in multitouch format. iBooks Author comes with easy-to-customize templates and there are many examples of student work published in the iBooks store. Documents created in Apple's Pages software can also be saved as ePub documents and consumed on digital readers.

iPad users can use a variety of free and paid apps from Apple's App Store. These books can be published in the iBooks store as well or shared in other ways.

Web-based Publishing Tools

Storybird for Educators

iPad Apps

Book Creator in Education

Mac Publishing Tools

Project Ideas

Let's brainstorm together....what are some ideas for projects?