The Holy Land of Masculi

Viri Autem Caelum

"Men of Paradise"

A helpful guide by

Prince Pablo Perel XIII


Attorney General Hector Muniz

The Flag of Masculi


Blue: The color of men, and of the sky.

Red: The color of women, and of love.

White: The color of the heavens, a sacred land where those who find favor are granted entry into.

Cross: Puer and the power of his helping hand. The placement in the middle represents how he sees - everyone as equal, yet separate.

The Constitution of The Holy Land of Masculi


From hence forth, the name of this country shall be The Holy Land of Masculi and the Commonwealth Realms.


We, the men, in order to promote tranquillity, hereby make our country for peace and for the celebration of our creator and savior. Law-abiding citizens shall live freely and be able to enjoy the freedoms of being a citizen of Masculi. No oppression shall exist on the basis of gender, race, ethnicity, or age. All shall be equal in the eyes of Puer.


Our country has different citizenship based on different talents of people based on their characteristics. Those of darker skin tones who are known to be gifted with leadership shall rule over the land, as they are the true class of Puer himself. Those of lighter skin tones are more physically stronger, and therefore would work in more demanding jobs. Citizenship is based on class, and only those of the dark class shall receive higher status than others due to their historical contributions. Women shall be placed in a special class suited for their strengths and weaknesses.


The King of The Holy Land and Commonwealth Realms shall be the ruler for all of time. The descendants of Puer shall take this title for all of time. His first son shall be King. Should he bear no children, the King’s oldest nephew shall be named King. Should the King have no nephew, the King’s oldest living brother shall be named ruler.


The King shall make laws and be the judge, jury and executioner of the court of law. His Royal Guards shall police the land.


  1. The King shall make any laws and any decisions he wants since only he, can hear the words of Puer.
  2. Classes are set from birth, and no individual shall ever be elevated without a letter from The King.
  3. Women shall not be seen in public without a collar and a man accompanying.
  4. A Woman of any class must obey any command given to her by a man.
  5. Once a girl turns into a Woman at the age of 18 years old, she has one year to stay with her parents to find a man to claim her. If she is unclaimed, she must live in a shelter, until she finds a man.
  6. A Woman may not vote, or hold any positions of high importance.
  7. A man may choose any woman of his choice to impregnate to bear his children.
  8. Intimate relationships between the same sex are not tolerated.
  9. Women shall never talk to a man unless spoken to.
  10. Men of no color are required to pay 45% of their monthly income toward the government as a payment to the unimaginable number of services provided by the government.
  11. All shall follow the religion of Pueritiae, and will attend their local church every week.

Failure to obey the laws shall result in punishment. Minor disobediences may result in dungeon time or camp work, while major disobediences may result in execution or a visit to the Temple of Enlightenment.


The Holy Land of Masculi requires everyone to go to school to learn the knowledge Puer has discovered. Those of darker skin color shall go to a higher class school because of their leadership gifts. Lighter skin color people shall go to a regular school, while females shall go to a specialized school to better improve their personality and actions. School shall be free for all, and each child shall go to school for 13 years, starting at the age of 5, for 12 hours a day.


Blue represents the color of men, and of the sky.

Red represents the color of women, and of love.

White represents the color of the heavens, a sacred land where those who find favor are granted entry into.

The Cross represents Puer and the power of his helping hand. The placement in the middle represents how he sees - everyone as equal, yet separate.


Puer, The Creator, shall be the reigning figure of our country forever. He is the almighty ruler who sees all of our deeds and shall judge us in death. He made us in his image to share in the beautiful land he made for us.

Our Creator: Puer

The Power and Might of Puer

In his human form, Puer is a extremely muscular being with the strength of 70,000 million elephant. Puer is 90 henes (10 ft.) tall.  As a small form of prayer Puer flexes his biceps and looks into the distance to bring good luck to the citizens and future of The Holy Land of Masculi. Puer is able to create, manipulate, and control any man he pleases to. He can see the thoughts of any person, and can transport throughout time. Puer watches everyone everytime, anywhere, and everywhere from Paradise.

The History of Puer

Puer, the creator and of life, holds infinite wisdom and knows the truths about the universe. He is the sole determinant of life and death in an individual. Long ago, in a land that is beyond time and space, the Three God existed. Naturæ, Phasma, and Puer. Naturæ created the Earth, the planets, and all of the universe. Phasma created the Underworld and all spiritual things. Puer created us in his image to share in the world created by the three gods. Phasma, overcome with jealously, created demons and spirits to destroy Puer's creations. Phasma became sneaky and disguised his evil creatures as Puer's humans. His curses affected women, which became a foul race that plagued the land for millennia.  Puer tried to kill the foul beings, but was unable to distinguished the cursed ones and his creations. He saw his people cry for help, but he knew not what to do. He became human to see the horrors that his creations had felt, and to better understand what was happening. This insight made him see that as of now, there was no hope. Puer decided that he would meditate to find the answer. The answer dawned upon him, and he became Enlightened. He decided to wage war on Phasma, and chose only his best warriors in the fight. Once Phasma prepares his armies, Puer shall judge his people. Those worthy in his eyes shall be recruited into his army to fight alongside him. Puer shall win, and live with the holy ones in Paradise forever. The unworthy ones shall sent into Inferno to burn with Phasma and his demons for all eternity. In the new world of Paradise, none shall interfere with between the love of Puer and his creations. None shall ever bore of the eternal land while bathing in the favor of the creator.

An Excerpt From Our Scripture

National Anthem

O, my Puer Almighty,

In heaven you reign.

We are made in your image,

Forever indebted!

O, the Parousia shall come soon.

Then we shall see you again.

Our country stands for you.

Our enemies shall fall down.

You are hope of our lives.

With the flag held up high waving

Over Phasma’s head.

We seek you,

We call you,

To the hearts you made for us.

Inspirational Posters

Temple of Enlightenment

Long ago, after the armistice was created, Puer created the Temple of Enlightenment to signify his new way of thinking. He made it a learning center for all that do not about the true love he has for everyone.

The Temple of Enlightenment is our temple where all of the people who have not seen the ways of our people are shown. Any time someone disobeys any of The Holy Land's laws shall be required to go to the Temple of Enlightenment until their eyes can only see Puer and only Puer alone. Our rooms are very accommodating, with luxury rooming options and one on one counseling. The Temple offers unmatched persuasion efforts that can show all the truth. We go to the root and not only why they disobeyed, but how to stop it. Like Puer, we do not wish suffering on any individual, so we always try our best to make to make everyone feel welcome. The Temple opens your eyes into freedom, victory, and alliance. Our number one goal is to show others the way, and sway them from ruining their entrance in to heaven simply from ignorance.

When one comes in, we immediately make them feel welcome and let the know we are here to help and not persecute. Each person is checked into their own personal room, and greeted by their own personal counselor. They get to know all about the person, and they work together to a brighter future. In fact, the late Commander-In-Chief of Masculi was once admitted into the Temple. Even in rebellion, Puer prays for all of his children, as he has unending love for all of us. For our more rowdy guest, specialty beds are main that are equip was electric numbing machines to soothe the people. Another bonus is that those who exit the Temple can even counsel other people, and help them with their problems.

Informational Video