An Unbiased Review of Bit Torrent Clients – UTorrent and Its Many Popular Features

Computer geeks do not need to be introduced to the name uTorrent. This BitTorrent client happens to be one of the most popular platforms available today. In fact, this name actually caters to almost all torrent downloads being made by users from around the world. The program is known for being one of the most lightweight applications available for the purpose. This feature alone has put other BitTorrent clients like BitTornado out of business.

There are many factors that have established uTorrent software as one of the most trusted and preferred name in the computer world. Let us take a look at them and understand the real reasons behind the software’s popularity.

  • For any BitTorrent software these days, getting the green light of an uninterrupted and smooth connection happens to be of paramount importance. However, when behind a router, the user usually needs to make a few technical changes to his router to get the green light. The uTorrent software understands this, which is why the user is able to do things like change the port used for incoming connections and enable UPnP port mapping.
  • The software gives you full control over your download task. From changing your upload/download speed to creating exceptions in your Windows Firewall to even connecting through a proxy server – this software offers in built functionality that can help you manage it all.
  • uTorrent software is also known for its simple interface and easy to follow systems. It has a nifty little search bar that lets users look for torrent files they need to download. It also has an extremely easy to understand control panel which can let you start/stop/pause your download, monitor speeds, change file sequences and do so much more. The best part however, is that almost anybody, no matter now non-tech-savvy they are, can use this application to its maximum ability.
  • The software is actually available for free, all across the world. This happens to be one of the biggest advantages that has made uTorrent a program that will be present in almost every computer system today. From softwares to books to your favourite movies and television series, this is the means through which the world accesses whatever it needs on the internet.
  • The developers of uTorrent software even have expanded to other countries, supporting over 40 different languages. It's so user friendly that they even allow skins. If you don't like the current interface, download one of the dozens of skins created by other users. These, just like the client, are free.
  • There is a highly active community of developers and support professionals who provide assistance to users facing issues while handling the software. And these services again, just like everything else with this application, are free of charge.

Downloading the BitTorrent Client itself is extremely easy. The executable file is less than 170 kilobytes in size and almost any uTorrent software download program can help you manage the task with ease. Just visit to know more.

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