By: Spencer O'Connor

Nike is an aparrel store that specializes in footwear, sport clothing and sporting equipment.

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In 1964, Phil Knight had a dream. His dream began as Blue Ribbon Sports in Nike, Iand the headquarters are One Bowerman Drive, Beaverton, Oregon 97005. This dream is now known as Nike and is worth more than $10 billion, making it the largest sportswear store. Nike had a revenue of $24.1 billion in the past year. Nike specializes in footwear but is very strong in sporting apparel and in sporting equipment. The current CEO of Nike is Mark Parker. He has been the third CEO since 2006. Nike is an Ultra Cap.  Each year, Nike makes 50,000 different styles of shoes and sells to over 160 countries. The Oregon Ducks are located in Eugene, Oregon, which is about an hour and a half south of Beaverton. This is why you see the Oregon football team have many cool and unique gear and jerseys like these:

Nike offers many endorsements to a wide range of atheletes. Ranging from Tiger Woods to Michael Jordan, they claim many of the superstars. Michael Jordan was so popular that they began to make Jordan Brand clothes and shoes. Also, Nike has brands like Nike Air and Nike Drifit clothes. Nike also sponsors Kobe Bryant, Lebron James and Kevin Durant. One notable thing in the last 6 months was that the Lebron shoes were prjected to start at $300 but were actually $270. Things unique to nike are that they allow you to customize your own shoe.

Nike started out small but has grown into allowing many things like sporting equipment for every sport imaginable. They also have now, since last year, made the jerseys for the nfl teams.

These Nike shoes were designed for Emmitt Smith and went on sale a few years back, even after he retired. This shows us that Nike is loyal to all of there companies.

Intresting things about Nike is that the CEO, Mark Parker, is the 5th richest man in America, worth more than $5 million. One other intresting thing is that nike has never been in debt. Also, Nike pays LeBron James and Michael Jordan over $50 million together in endorsements. Nike is named for the Greek Goddess of victory. Nike has gone so far that they made shoes that fit NAtive Americans feet. This is intresting because most Native Americans have a taller and wider foot. This is an example of it

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