Multicultural and Bilingual Learners

I believe the most important thing that i have learned in this discussion is the importance of making the child special and comfortable in the classroom. Whether that's through pronouncing the child's name correctly or learning a few words in that child's language.

Another big thing i learned was getting to know your students! Knowing the little things about your student will help in understanding their educational needs and what you could do to help benefit them to learn better. It also helps your understanding of having a student that might need more time on a assignment because they have siblings to take care of, or something important happening at home.

The first teaching strategy i plan to use to accommodate this type of learner is a cultural responsive strategy. culturally responsive strategies are when you introduce a child's culture into what you are teaching that day. This helps a child become more involved and can help with improving their understanding of the subject while also having the positive effect of having the child feel that they matter.

The second teaching strategy is the buddy system. The buddy system is where you pair a more advanced child that speaks the same language with a struggling or new child. This encourages fluent language use, and comprehension and social interaction.

The last teaching strategy is setting clear goals in the classroom. This helps a child understand what is required of them to complete what is due that week.

I believe that the main idea of knowledge from this content that i learned is the understanding of students needs and making them feel comfortable while getting used to a new culture and language.

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