Alleged White House Intruder is Decorated Iraq Combat Vet


On Friday, a Texas man was accused of coming trough the White House front door with a knife. Omar Jose Gonzalez, a 42-year-old man, served more than thirteen years in the military was discharged in 2003, and retired in 2012 due to a disability. Gonzales apparently jumped the White House fence, crossed the North Lawn, and opened the front door until he was stopped by a Secret Service police officer. After being stopped, Gonzales reportedly told the officer that the "atmosphere was collapsing" and that he needed to tell the president immediately. Gonzales is to appear in federal court on Monday to face his charges of unlawfully entering a restricted building while carrying a weapon.

Ideals Related to this Story

Liberty and Opportunity are the ideals that take place in this news article.

Omar seized the opportunity to warn the president about how he truly believed the atmosphere was collapsing.

There was lack of liberty as Omar was forced to not continue on into the White House to notify the president of his belief, even though there were laws, his pursuit of happiness was short lived.

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