Pulse Hover

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What is Pulse Hover

What Is Pulse Hover

It is a super simple to use yet insanely powerful WordPress plugin that will instantly boost your social sharing, traffic and sales.

Images are the most shared form of content on social media - just look at your own Facebook feed and you will see.

Pulse Hover Features

Pulse Hover makes it simple for your visitors to share your images, building social backlinks to your blogs...

More importantly - it grabs people's attention, and presents the sharing option in a way they have never seen before - increasing the chance that they will share your images.

In a nutshell... when people mouse over an image on your blog, Pulse Hover will automatically make social sharing buttons hover over the image.

This is guaranteed to get their attention and increase your social sharing and traffic!

You can customize the look and feel of this and get this...

Even though it's a WordPress plugin... you can create the scripts inside WP and grab the code - and then use Pulse Hover on ANY website.

There will also be a Pro version upsell, which will let you use Pulse Hover, not only for images, but also for text and videos. Plus the pro version will let you add optin forms, banners, affiliate links etc. to the hover box instead of just social sharing buttons.


Starting at the price of $17, this new product is affordable but by far it's affection on your ranking and traffic is tremendous. You can't miss this chance to boost up your site. Moreover, the product goes with 100% money back gaurantee, so you have no risk trying at all. Nothing is better than try and tell it yourself!